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A Tale of Two Smarts…

ProActiv's next urban achiever

ProActiv’s next urban achiever

Unranked Oklahoma State took down No.5 Kansas at home yesterday. Prior to the game I saw Joe Lunardi putting Kansas as one of his 4 regional #1 seeds for the NCAA tournament and I think that can be put to rest after this loss. I’m not sure this was that great of a win for the up and down Cowboys, despite it likely ensuring they’ll be in the tourney, but it was certainly an impressive showing by Marcus Smart. For Smart, it was all about his turn-around in the second half after he literally shit the bed Trainspotting-style in the first half.

Smart scored 20 of his 21 points in the second half and what was most impressive was how he adjusted his game after being so utterly unimpressive shooting the ball in the first half. I think he was something like 0 for 7 from the field in the first half yet he continued to jack threes like he was JR Smith. It was ugly, but he came out in the second half and did what he does best- play physical, fast-paced basketball by running the floor and getting the ball to the rim.

I’m still not sold on Smart’s NBA potential, however. Obviously, he can’t shoot to save his fucking life. Really. If Kim Jong-un had Smart chained in a field (not cotton, come on bro) with 30 rabid dogs at the ready and all Smart had to do was hit an open 25-footer there’s a 98% chance he’d be eaten alive.

I also think his defense is way overhyped. Sure, he can lock down the TCU & Oklahoma & Texas Tech, etc. point guards out there (I have zero interest in google-ing these guys and I can’t for the life of me remember any Big 12 PGs outside of Smart & Baylor’s Kenny Cherry/Gary Franklin) but what’s he going to do against NBA PGs?

I think his NBA future is at SG, and well, when you give me a list of the 10 best in the NBA at a position and your list has Gordon Hayward, Kyle Korver, Danny Green, and Jimmy Butler on it then you can assume that position is not where the best go to play. He’s a tank though, and extremely competitive so while I think he can develop into an All-Star I’m NOT picking him if I have a top-5 pick the draft and I’d have to think long and hard about top-10 as well.


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