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Some Quickies…


The Most Prized Piece in the NBA

This week’s Quickie Edition is headlined by the one and only Chris Paul. There’s been some serious squabbling going on in the NBA since last week when David Stern vetoed a deal that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers for a pack of over-aged, over-priced stars (Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom). Everyone in the league and media were up in arms about the Angel of Stern flexing power he shouldn’t have.

I’m not going to debate about the correctness of the veto. The bottom line about the veto is this: the NBA owns the Hornets, so Stern has every right to veto this trade as part-owner. Whether or not it was right, it was fully within Stern’s rights. Complicated, but not really.

Now, Stern claims hit was vetoed due to “basketball reasons”, and while it seemed every member of the media was crying that this was as fair as a trade as the Hornets could ever get. It was said that the rebuilding effort was perfectly set-up by acquiring the talent listed above (all near or above 30), and that Stern robbed GM Dell Demps of a deal that the Hornets CLEARLY came out ahead in.

Well, another trade proposal has come to light that proves that all these “experts” are retarded. All it took was an extra couple of days and the Hornets seem to have transitioned from 3 elderly talents and a #1 pick, to grabbing 2 young studs, 1 HUGE expiring contract and another #1 pick. Word on the street is the Clips have offered Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman and a #1 pick for Paul. This was exactly why Stern HAD to veto the Lakers trade- CP3 is a SUPER MEGA STAR, and he was 100% worth more than the lot of good players that the Hornets were originally set to receive.

In Gordon, the Hornets are set to receive a young star that is BETTER than all the players involved in the Lakers deal NOW. And at 23, the kid’s got a ceiling that’s about as high as any 2-guard in the league. The owners may still have a beef becuase Paul’s still going to a large-market, but there’s absolutely NO reason this deal should be vetoed. Throw in Aminu who’s a 21 year-old oozing potential, and Kaman’s expiring contract, this deal is proof that not only COULD the Hornets do better, but that Stern’s veto had some legitimate merit to it.


 Next, The Roots just dropped their latest studio effort Undun, and from the first listen, it’s a must get. The Roots crew is one of my favorite hip-hop acts of all time. I love their style which always features live instruments, and Black Thought is easily one of the 10 best rappers of all time. Undun is a concept album along the lines of Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool,  following a fictional character Redford Stephens from birth to death in a story of the streets.

The storyline of this album is so well-developed and so deep that Black Thought has already touched on the possibility of a movie: “It’s definitely a set-up for there to be something cinematic or theatrical,”. That’s a high expectation for a rap album, but it’s been up to par thus far.

Check out my favorite song from the album below, “Make My” featuring a Universe favorite Big K.R.I.T.


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