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Some Music Quickies…

Picking up again after a prolonged absence, this time I only have my own laziness and Red Sox anguish to blame. My prediction for my boy Jacoby to win the MVP soured as soon as the Sox underwent the biggest act of crumbling since the Yankees in the ’04 ALCS. Yes, the Braves September collapse was damn near worse this year, but they’re the Braves. They made like 36 World Series in the ’90’s and only won once, what do you want from them?

Anyways, Tiger finally won a tournament again. Maybe now the golf fan base will once again reach beyond the stone-laiden driveways and boxwood borders of the upper-middle class.

Miguel Cotto just beat Antonio Margarito as if Cotto was Puerto Rican and Margarito was Mexican, oh wait. Side note: the hatred between Puerto Rican and Mexican athletes is funny to me. Mainly because very few people outside of those countries A) care and B) can even distinguish the difference. Also, the PR/Mexico rivalry finishes a distant second in the “People we know want to kill each other, but we can’t tell who is who” list behind the timeless China vs. Japan. Some say USA vs. Britian is up there too, but I just don’t see it.

And if you don’t read another single word I scribe today, do yourself a favor and click here to see “The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011”. Powerful stuff to say the least. The broad in #7, however, needs to look into a career in the adult films industry after taking a facial of that magnitude.

Coming shortly is my look at the NFL season to date, complete with a recap of my bold predictions regarding the draft and FA’s. An apology to Cam Newton will be included following my harsh criticism of the Panthers for taking him #1.


There’s been a lot of good music over the past couple of months to hit my ear lobes. None of it should be mentioned before this guy though- OnCue.


Cuey's Submission for Tape of the Year

OnCue is a rapper who was born and raised in Connecticut, but over the past couple of years relocated to Brooklyn, NY to focus on making his music. Being a Connecticutian, obviously I’m going to do what I can to rep for my state when I deem necessary. I even met the kid when Red Bull sponsored a party at my boy’s house @ UConn and invited Cuey to perform Guerilla-style in the basement (By the way, unfamiliar with him at the time I called him soft and whined aloud about Red Bull bringing in a nobody. Damn, I wish I could take that back). But this plug has nothing to do with Connecticut, or any personal connections at all. This kid can simply make great fucking music and Can’t Wait, his 5th career mixtape, is no exception.

He’s got a style I can best describe as a more talented Kid Cudi. Not to say Cudder isn’t talented, he just can’t rap like Cuey. On Can’t Wait, Cuey brings in his usual life experiences to influence his music. Essentially left to support himself and his mother by his drug addicted father and brother, the dude’s got plenty of emotional gasoline to fuel his fire. The most powerful rhyme of the album comes on the final track, “Alive” and it’s directed at his parents: “Yeah Mommy I fuckin love you/ no one gonna hurt you anymore, Angels above you/ Dad, I forgive you I pray you remain clean/ I’m just glad you’re alive to see me live out this dream”

It’s not all sad raps, though. Cuey brings in a big name in Mike Posner on “Kinda Late”, an ode to all the ladies throwing themselves at the two up and comers, and he dedicates another one to the ladies in “Cigarettes and Perfume”. And then there’s my personal favorite “Feel Tall” which is more about his struggle with success than his struggle to succed.

The bottom line is this: Can’t Wait transcends genres, it’s a complete album front to back, it’s powerful and moving, and it’s free. It’s fucking free, so download it and let it play from beginning to end. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop after that one time through, but hell, if you don’t like it who cares. Just set your alarm clock to wake you up a minute early for 60 days to get a refund on those 60 minutes you spent on the album. Check out “Feel Tall” below, and under that is “Your Own Supply” from his Leftovers mixtape.



Now, for the rest of the music scene right now in order of how quickly you should go get this sheeeiiitt (Clay Davis):

ASAP RockyLive Love ASAP

Born in Harlem but heavily influenced by Houston, ASAP Rocky is what’s great about hip-hop. Common sense tells us that a chopped and screwed style rapper cannot bring serious lyrics, and serious lyricists cannot present their product in a chopped and screwed style. ASAP Rocky says fuck common sense.

I guess this dude’s been opening up for Drake on Drizzy’s national tour and he’s been blowing up big time as a result. Haven’t seen his (Drake) show, nor do I plan to, but this is another free gem over on DatPiff. I recommend listening to this CD at an extremely loud volume, preferably on an excellent sound system in a dope whip. Or a 2005 Chevy Malibu if you don’t have the dope whip. Check the thugged out video for “Peso” on YouTube, and one of my favorites from the album “Trilla” below:


Yelawolf – Radioactive

A favorite of The Universe and the pride of Gadsden, Alabama unleashed his first retail album November 21st. One of the few retail albums I’m ever going to plug, this one is a product of Shady Records and is certainly worth the 9$ price tag.

I first saw this guy open up for B.O.B. in Boston and I slowly became a fan throughout his set. Not universally known until his appearance on the now legendary Shady 2.0 BET awards cypher, Yela brings an extremely unique style to the game. Definitely check out “Write Your Name” and “Throw It Up”


Childish GambinoCamp

Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, aka Troy from NBC’s Community brings my next retail album suggestion. Again, well worth the $9, Gambino is a ridiculous talent that brings SERIOUS heat on the lyrical front. Think Kanye West when he was still hungry. Check out “Sunrise” below:


MacklemoreThe Unplanned Mixtape

Not gonna lie about this one, this is not a new release but I just got turned on to the Seattle MC within the past couple of months. Macklemore routinely teams up with producer Ryan Lewis to make seriously good music. Introspective, thoughtful and unique to say the least, check out the hilarious video for “And We Danced”. Apparently Mack had some serious drug addiction issues in his past but personally I’m glad he got it sorted out because he makes some great music. My personal favorite is below, “Wings”, which is a dedication to America’s fascination and obsession with Nike and Jordan kicks.


B.O.B.EPIC & Lupe FiascoFriend of the People

Probably my two favorite artists out right now and certainly two of my favorite of all time just so happen to drop two brand new mixtapes. EPIC is Bob’s effort and is probably more listenable to for the average music fan. Filled with ridiculous beats and always hard rhymes, Bob picks up right where The Adventures of Bobby Ray left off.

Lupe’s Friend of the People is highly political, and continuing with Lupe’s garage music themed mixtape output, very raw. The beats are more bluesy and melodic than they are hip-hop as most of the samples are from emo-rock bands such as M83.

Nevertheless, both tapes are must-downloads.


Casey VeggiesSleeping in Class

My final retail album suggestion comes from LA’s own Casey Veggies. An affilitate of OFWGKTA, Veggies has been a veteran of the rap game since he dropped Customized Greatly Volume 1 as a 16-year old. That mixtape was a CLASSIC, and this album surely doesn’t disappoint either. If you don’t want to buy the album, head over to Datpiff and download some of his mixtapes. They don’t disappoint. Below is “Ridin Round Town” from Sleeping in Class.


Th@ Kid – Ratboy

Lastly, go check out Cali-native Th@ Kid. I don’t know too much about this dude outside of his Facebook information but he puts in serious work to make his music. Check out his website here, and look into following him on Facebook and Twitter. A self-proclaimed “Night Rat”, Th@ Kid is young and hungry. Think Mac Miller mixed with Kendrick Lamar. My favorite song of his “New White Kicks” is below.


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