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Some Quickies…

First, rest in peace to Dan Uggla’s bid for Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak. Uggla went 0-for on Sunday against the Cubs to halt his season long 33 game hit streak. Uggla’s been awful this year so far, and it would have been comical if we had a man of Uggla’s resume coming close to the greatest record in all of sports.


Some NBA stuff:

Josh “Jorts” Harrellson made the news, and not for his Bill Wenningtonesque skills. The New York Knicks draftee (whom I strongly disapproved of here) spent his Sunday night out in Lexington getting sauced up at a local watering hole…and the simple fact that this story does not end with Jorts getting arrested is proof enough to me that he will never be in the NBA. I guess Jorts and some redneck homies were just hanging out by their truck just like rednecks do (you know, go to a bar, get drunk, but hang outside of the bar gathered around the rigs) when some drunk bastard comes stumbling out of the bar, jumps in his hemi, and punches it in reverse right at Jorts and his crew. Assuming that this was not a rabid Knicks fan, that was a hell of a scare for Jorts, I believe that.



Anyway, Jorts clears house of his friends, lets his truck get smashed and then proceeds to disable the driver and his trucklike some 7 foot, 350-pound, ogre-ish, Steve Segal….wait….Jorts proceeds to disable the driver and his truck like Steve Segal. Noticed some redundancy there. So, shit, Jorts is already warming himself up to the media…maybe I’m wrong about this guy’s chances in the league.

Onto another subject, it looks like the NBA players are going to do everything they can to prove me wrong when I called their overseas bluff. With there being talks of everyone from Kobe to Metta World Peace playing in every league but the NBA, it’s not looking so good for my prediction of the Pros staying home. That being said, I’m still holding on to that prediction, I think a lot of this is a smoke show to add to the Union’s leverage. If the players show they don’t need the owners, the owners may turn in to that slightly better looking boyfriend who never appreciated his younger girlfriend until he saw her on the arm of the nerdy kid from their neighborhood, which caused the better looking boyfriend to fall into a tailspin of “Pleaaaaaaaase take me backkkkk”.


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