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Some Quickies…

Though I gave the MLB deadline its own post, I will not give the same repect to the NFL “deadline”. It definitely deserves it given the amount of movement and drama, but I just, well…fuck you for locking us out for so long. I will touch on some of my favorite moves, though.

da eagles

Say Hello to the Man Who Won the NFC East

The Eagles are my early pick for SB Champs. They grab Nnamdi, trade for Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd-round pick in a deal that had Rodgers Syndrome written all over it (a new disease that afflicts desperate teams targeting back-ups in the hopes of finding the next Aaron Rodgers; next afflicted team’s target= Matt Flynn). They also grab DT Cullen Jenkins from the World Champs, and DE Jason Babin. Oh yeah, and since they dumped their unproven, 1-2 career record backup, Andy Reid inked Vince Young. That of the 26-13 career record Vince Young, who then proclaimed the Eagles a “Dream Team”. How’s this for personnel moves, Eagles use Mike Vick as a starter this year, then trade him for peak value and instill Vince Young as the starter? I can see it happening.

The other CB out there who I proclaimed one of my biggest impact FAs, Jonathan Joseph, signed with the Texans as I expected. The Texans grab the best value at the CB position this year, but I do question the fact that they let Dunta Robinson walk last year when he wanted very similar contractual numbers. I like Joseph, but Robinson showed that he should be just as liked with his performance in Atlanta last season. Paul Posluszny and Barrett Ruud, my other 2 picks for biggest impact FAs on the defensive side of the ball, inked deals with the Jaguars and Titans respectively. The Poz goes to a Jaguars team that desperately needs a tackle-machine like him in the middle and I see that Defense being a top-10 squad, maybe even top-5 if their young D-Line keeps developing. Ruud, however, got stuck in a bad spot. The Titans are devoid on defense, and he’s going to have a hard time making that squad better. I like what he did, however. Signed a one-year deal on a team he can easily produce huge numbers on, and then he gets to be a FA in a non-fluke off-season next year.

The Patriots got much better this offseason as well, as they grab two All-Pros in Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco for next to nothing. Ocho is going to put up top-3 WR numbers with Tom Brady, and if Haynesworth shows any type of enthusiasm he instantly turns that defense back into an elite squad. Eagles vs. Pats in the SB.

The Seahawks are the last topic I’m going to cover in the NFL, as they’re making a nice little run into contender status with Pete Carroll at the helm. They sign Sidney Rice, an undervalued WR who will be loved by his QB in Seattle, whomever that ends up being. Also, they’re making a hard run at the only offensive player on my biggest impact lists, Zach Miller. If they end up landing Miller along with Rice, this offense will be something fierce and will more than make up for the defensive loss of Lofa Tatupu who was more bark than bite for the D out there.


If you don’t know already, go check out Nikki Jean’s album Pennies in a Jar. This chick can sing, and she has some serious backing in the industry. Also, Game just dropped a new mixtape, Hoodmorning. I have yet to give it a full listen, but anytime that Game and DJ Skee get together, quality music is never far behind. J.Cole also released a little 5-song EP just to keep his fans fiending for his upcoming album. I did listen to this, and it is no doubt GOOD music.

jigga n ye

Kanye West & Jay-Z: Watch the Throne; the Wait is On

On a future release to look out for note, Kanye West & Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne collabo is dropping on August 8th on ITunes. The physical copy will be coming out a couple of days later. The pair have coined their duo “The Throne” and, I won’t lie, this is the first mainstream big market, big label release I’m going to be buying since 50’s first album (no, I don’t count Lupe’s LASERS under this category because, well, we had to get a fucking petition going to get the fucking thing released!). The end of summer is typically a firestorm for album releases and Ye and Jigga will be kicking off a period that will see retail album releases from J.Cole, Lil Wayne, Game, Drake, Rick Ross, Method Man & Redman, and, dare I say… Dr. Dre?! Keep your eyes peeled!


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