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Some Quickies…

Trying to get back on the regular grind here, it’s too tough to do with this beautiful weather occurring on the regular though! I’m watching the US women’s world cup team battle Brazil right now, as I type. Women’s sports is usually a joke to me, and I could care less. But, when it comes to the USA playing, I’m on that shit all day. I still remember the Women’s cup in 1999, with the infamous Brandi Chastain ripping her shirt off celebration. I was going nuts! Just finished 6th grade, and the United States dominate on the worldwide level?! If only I could’ve popped my cherry that summer too, that woulda been a summer for the ages. Moving on…

They’re up 1-0 right now at the half, and I’m cheerin’ hard. ***UPDATE*** Hope Solo JUST stopped a PK, and then the FUCKING REFS just fucked her over. WOW, rekick and Marta banged it home. SCREWJOB!!!!!!!!



12-4, 2.90 ERA and CC Still Can't Get Any Love?!

All-Star break coming up for MLB. A lot of shit gets made about the snubs for this game, every year, and I don’t really understand it. Granted, nine out of ten fans are completely retarded and should not be allowed to vote, so we do get omissions to the game such as….CC SABATHIA! But, until we make the voting a players/managers only thing, this is always going to happen.

And again, don’t worry about it. There are always so many players who can’t play each year for some reason or another, that all worthy All-Stars eventually get named to the team. Sabathia, on the team. Andrew McCutchen, on the team. Paul Konerko, on the team. These dudes were serious omissions to begin with, but they were eventually rewarded justly.

Also, CC was at one time a valued member of The Refrijerators, my storied fantasy baseball team. I swung a deal that sent him, Derek Low and Pedro Alvarez to my former HS gym teacher’s team for Shin-Soo Choo and Adrian Beltre. IF you ask me, I still think I won that deal, but WOW, I thought CC would fall off his torrid start a bit…I was wrong!


Cyhi Da Prince - Royal Flush 2New fire on the mixtape scene right now. CYHI DA PRINCE! The G.O.O.D. Music label member dropped his second mixtape entitled Royal Flush 2 last week, and it’s definitely worth the download. He’s got some good features from the likes of B.O.B., Yelawolf (two Universe favorites), Pusha T, and Big Sean. Speaking of Yelawolf, Shady, can we PLEASE get an album drop SOON?! Hell, I’d even settle for a new mixtape, anything, PLEASE!!!

Cyhi’s definitely a Southern-styled rapper, with a very GRIZZLED tone and a delivery that’s part Jeezy, part Bun-B. I read a review somewhere that said Cyhi has more intelligent rhymes and conscious lines in his left pinky than Gucci Mane has in his entire body. While I certainly agree that Gucci Mane has some sort of down syndrome and has absolutely no lyrical content, I wouldn’t start making Cyhi out to be the Southern Common quite yet. He’s got substance, no doubt, but his lyrics never really overshadow the beat or flow in my mind. Maybe the real deep shit is coming on the album, but I have yet to really feel it. That being said, he still goes HARD on the track!

Also, I’m gonna plug the kid Dom Kennedy’s mixtape AGAIN! 2: From the Westside with Love is a serious collection of dope beats and laid-back Cali rhymes. DopeItsDom.com check ’em out, buy the album (it’s only 6.99 for Baby Jesus’ sake!) and I definitely suggest buying some gear from the homie Dom here. I bought that West$ide II tee a couple months back and it came in a package clearly packed by Dom’s manager or somebody pullin double duty, with two free decal stickers and on the back of one of the stickers, handwritten in sharpie it said “Thanks 4 the support”. You can’t beat that kind of dedication and graciousness. Not many are grindin’ as hard as Dom right now, #dopeitsdom, keep it up!


Latchkey Kids

Latchkey Kids

So we have a lockout in the NBA, and I don’t see a full season happening this year. Maybe they do 50 games ala ’99, maybe they cancel it altogether, whatever the case, the league is gonna SUFFER! Arguably, it’s at an all-time high in popularity (yes sadly, thank you Lebron) and it could have really benefited from the NFL lockout and possibly jumped into the drivers seat as America’s favorite sport.

One person who doesn’t seem to be too mad about the lockout is NJ Nets guard Deron Williams. Kid is READY to ball in Turkey this year if the season becomes delayed in any way. Now, I understand the motives behind going to Europe during the lockout: it puts some serious bargaining power behind the Players Association, because it gets the owners thinking that they need the players more than the players need them. Not only that, but it puts money in players’ pockets, and provides them with professional-level play, and healthcare. I think people forget about the latter perk right there, because not only are the Lakers paying Kobe Bryant top dollar, but they’re also providing him with the BEST medical facilities and doctors that money can buy. As part of the lockout, the players are completely cut off from these luxuries. Playing pickup at the local gym keeps you conditioned, but it doesn’t come with a top of the line physical trainer to work on your sprained ankle or muscle pulls.

So, I understand the view point of Deron Williams, but I don’t want to see this becoming a trend. I do respect the fact that D-Will loves playing so much that he’ll go to a foreign country just to play top-tier basketball, and I also think its funny that he hates playing for the Nets so much that he’d run away to Turkey to get away! (No, he’s said he’ll be back the second the season starts, but still…) There’s a part of me that thinks David Stern likes this. It’s in-person publicity and advertisement for his league. He’s globalizing the league in a way that commercials and camps could never do, all the while he’s hard at work trying to get more money for himself and the owners.

Personally, I don’t want to see my favorite players playing in foreign countries in a jersey that doesn’t have USA scrawled across the front. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Amare and Carmelo’s names connected to this idea. Injuries don’t concern me, but the whole experience of it does. It’s a whole separate beast playing over there. New culture, language, and just a whole new lifestyle. I don’t want to see an established superstar go over there and face the difficulties that Brandon Jennings did and then come back to the NBA a different player. There’s obviously a chance they come back a BETTER player, but I don’t want to take the risk of Amare coming back without his ferociousness or ‘Melo coming back without his killer appetite for scoring. I don’t want another country getting to witness the best players in the world via some labor issue loophole BS. I want the best product in the world to be right here, exclusively in the best country in the world.


I’ll leave you with some Cyhi Da Prince featuring B.O.B., tough ass beat!


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