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Boob Tube Coverage…

I realized that I haven’t really mentioned anything about TV throughout the site, and I found that a bit ridiculous, seeing as how I spend A LOT of my time watching the tube. There’s something wicked appealing about TV shows, and I think a lot of the appeal comes from the fact that they’re shorter than a movie, yet they can tell a much deeper story throughout the season than a movie can. It’s also a great feeling to be sitting at work, hating your life only to have a little mood changing light bulb turn on in your head “Ohhhh shit, Thursdays mean a new Office episode!”

The Office is no doubt one of my all time favorite shows, right along with Dexter and Justified, but it’s off-season time for them. What we do have showing now is a very good summer lineup of shows that I think are MUST SEE TV!! Here’s three that you need to check out ASAP:


This Poor Bastard is Louie

Starting it off is a hilarious half hour sitcom on FX starring comedian Louis C.K. called “Louie”. This show just started its second season, and if the first season is any indication of where the show is headed, tune in for some seriously dark comedy. Louie takes place in NYC and it reminds me a lot of Seinfeld in that Louis CK essentially stars, as himself. He’s a struggling, divorced comedian with two kids who at 40 something seems to be having a bit of a midlife crisis. The show mixes Louie’s fictional stand-up in with scripted plot lines again, much like Seinfeld.

While Seinfeld was famous for being about nothing at all, Louie has a consistent plot line= Louie’s miserable life. It’s almost depressing seeing just how pitiful this dude is, but like I said it’s an extremely dark comedy. One episode this season centered around Louie witnessing a homeless man being decapitated by a bus just seconds after Louie pushed said homeless man off of him as he was walking down the street. It sounds anything but funny, but it is, I swear. Though one thing I have noticed, some episodes are brilliant, but every once in awhile, there’s a real stinker of an episode. So give it more than just one chance!


Another show that’s starting up is Weeds, which airs on Showtime. This show’s in its 7th season and I’ve seen them all. While I’ll be the first to admit that the show hit a lull midway through its life span, last season definitely picked the quality of this series right back up. For those that don’t know Weeds started as a show about Nancy Botwin (played by the sneaky sexy Mary-Louise Parker who drops the clothes QUITE A BIT for the show), an upper-class suburban mother who found herself needing money after her husband’s death. Botwin ultimately turned to selling weed out of her house and from there, hilarity ensued. This show’s a rare mix of a quality plot and funny comedy. This past season Nancy pretty much took on a Mexican drug cartel in order to save her two kids from growing up tainted. Obviously, when you start selling weed out of a house with your two children living in it, any hopes of normalcy are all but impossible.

nancy botwin

Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin in Weeds: She's Got That MILF-type Sexy

This season starts with Nancy in jail for the murder of a leading figure in the cartel, while the rest of her family (her two sons, Silas and Shane, and her brother in-law Andy) have fled to Copenhagen. I’m not sure where this season is going to go, but I’ll definitely be following it closely. Kevin Nealon is also a member of the cast, and Nealon all by himself is worth the watch. Dude is hilarious.

The last show that I’m really feeling right now is Men of a Certain Age (MOCA) which airs on TNT. This, like Weeds, is another example of a show that not only has a great plot but it’s also very, very funny. Honestly, I’d say that MOCA has a far better story line to it than Weeds does, and I’d even go as far as to say it’s also funnier.

This is Ray Romano’s latest TV creation which follows the lives of three 40/50 something men who are entering into a typically haunting phase of their life. The three (one of which is played by Romano) have been life-long friends and all seem to be struggling, however subtly, with the idea of becoming “old”. They all run into issues within their own lives that center around family, work, health, women and hobbies which seem to come up surprisingly as you age.

The character played by Scott Bakula, for instance, has been a life-long womanizer. A C-list actor, he’s always been irresistible to the ladies. But, as his looks diminish a bit he finds himself yearning for that “one” woman that he can spend the rest of his life with.

MOCA is filled with introspective commentary on aging men in general, as the characters become exposed from the inside out. Right in front for the audience to see, these characters’ weaknesses, insecurities, and faults are aired out as we can’t help but feel bad and root for them. Even when feeling bad is illegal, as is the case for Romano’s character’s ventures into the life of a bookie, you can’t help but root for these three.

This show was obviously written as somewhat of a bio-series by Romano, as was his first series Everybody Loves Raymond. The believability and hilarity of this show are constant, and seeing as how it’s only in its second season, tune in now for a keeper.


Andre Braugher, Ray Romano, and Scott Bakula Star in Men of a Certain Age





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