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It’s Been a Long Time…

I know I’ve been missed. Shit, it’s been months since my last update here, but I’ve been a busy dude. Made a trip to Miami, copped a new job, finished up the school year…and really, I’ve just been hella lazy. I know I’ve missed SOOOOO god damn much, but I’m gonna try to fast forward back to the now in this one single post.

First off, we got BIN LADEN!!!! I’m not one to celebrate the death of anybody, but I like this and I like it a lot. Reason being, this sends the message that if you plan on hurting innocent Americans, you can count on us hunting you down and serving justice on a delicious plate of left-eye destruction.

Mavs won the NBA chip, and the Bruins won the CUP! I like it, I like it a lot. Dirk, my blonde-haired blue-eyed brother from another finally gets the chip he had stolen from him back in Donaghy-gate. This without a doubt cements Dirk as an all-time great. Boston is now officially titletown, and since its about an hour and change from me, I dig that. While we’re on the subject, however, bring back the WHALERS!!!!!

A lot of quality music has dropped since my last visit, I’ll run through a quick list here and add some of my favorites at the bottom. Dom Kennedy- 2: From the Westside with Love, Chris Webby- Webster’s Laboratory, Grives- Together/Apart, Classified- Handshakes and Middle Fingers, Curren$y- Weekend at Burnie’s, Big Sean- Finally Famous, Bad Meets Evil (Royce & Eminem)- Hell, just to rattle off a quick list. I love summer time mayyynnneee!!!!


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