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Some Quickies..

Soul Tape

F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S dropped a mix tape last week. The Soul Tape is Fab’s first release in quite awhile, from what I can remember. Fab’s definitely one of the most slept-on rappers out there in the mainstream right now. I think Fab and Luda are two rappers that get a lot of airplay, but people don’t know how good they actually are. Their radio hits are big-time, I mean shit, they both pump out MTV ready singles like nobody’s business, but at the same-time they can fuckin rhyme.

Fab’s mixtapes are ALWAYS on point, so go cop this one and enjoy some quality wordplay and lyricism. Datpiff.com. If you haven’t gotten a membership on there yet, fuckin’ do it. It’s free. They don’t spam you. And you get pure free music, legally!


On my facebook page, I often like to post various music that I enjoy. Sometimes it’s a song that I can’t stop listening to at the time, last week I posted Yelawolf’s “Pop the Trunk” for instance, and sometimes it’s a musician that I think more people should know about. I’m gonna extend that FB posting to here and start up a lil sub-section of Some Quickies… entitled:


So Episode one of shit you should be listening to! stars one of my favorite rappers that does NOT have enough fans, Blu. Check out his mixtape Her Favorite Colo(u)r on datpiff, as well as his album with beatmaker Exile, Below the Heavens. 

Blu’s a rapper out of Los Angeles, and no he’s not the typical LA gang-banger/rapper. He’s a conscious/reality rapper in my book, and he’s been puttin out quality shit for the past couple of years. He’s made albums with the rapper Ta’Raach under the group name C.R.A.C. Knuckles (The Piece Talks, check that album out), and with the rapper Mainframe under the group name Johnson & Jonson (self-titled album is well worth the look).

Here’s some of Blu’s best, in my opinion. The first track is from his solo mixtape, the 2nd is from his album with Exile, and the final one is from his album with Mainframe, as Johnson & Jonson (check the DOPE John Lennon sample).


The Arrival to Mt Athos

Witnessed a hell of a 60 Minutes episode last night. I’m a big fan of the television journalism show that airs every Sunday on CBS. That’s not very typical for a dude my age, seeing as how their main viewer demographic has gotta be 50+. But I love the show, partly because of the skill of their hosts, partly because of the content of their stories, and partly because of the sometimes breath-taking cinematography that shines through. Last night, they did a story on Mt. Athos, a Greek peninsula in the Aegean Sea that is home to 20 monasteries. To check out the story and some video of it, click here.

I was impressed with this story for a number of reasons. First, the simple idea of this place is amazing. It’s literally untouched, in any way, by any form of outside civilization. In order to even VISIT the place, you need to get a certified visa from the monks themselves, which could take years. If you’re a woman, you’re not allowed, no exceptions. And if you’re anything but an Orthodox Christian, chances are you won’t be granted a visa either. As far as becoming a monk in one of these monasteries, the story said it’s harder to be accepted into a Mt. Athos monastery than it is to be accepted into Harvard. It’s amazing to me that these dudes live like this, prayer literally 24/7, 3 hours of sleep, 20 minutes of mealtime per day, and they’re the only people in the WORLD known to still live by the Byzantine clock (time starts at sunrise, 1 o’clock would be when the sun has been up for one hour). Once accepted into the monastery, you’re there for life. The spirituality was literally overflowing from the screen. I respect that.

Isolation In Its Purest State

Another thing that impressed me was these monks’ devotion and self-sufficiency. As a mid-20 year old who still has no clue what he’s going to be doing for the rest of his life, I was thoroughly awed by the way these men left behind their entire beings to follow Christ. Their communities are entirely self-sufficient, as each monk has a different job/specialty. There was a doctor, an engineer, and of course several farmers and cooks. As the monks tended to olive trees and various other fruits and vegetables they grow, their lips were moving the entire time, uttering prayer. It was fascinating. One monk even told a story of receiving a phone call from one of the two phones on the entire mountain. It was his dying father, whose final wish was for his son to visit him on his deathbed. The monk said he did not visit his father before he died, nor did he want to, because Saint Paul said to “pray always” and he was confident he would see his father in the afterlife.

But the thing that truly impressed me the most, was the stunning beauty of the entire mountain. To experience this, you’ve got to watch the video yourself. Monasteries are built on the edges of cliffs overlooking the sea like medieval castles. The Greek landscape that surrounds is mountainous, and forested. The trees, ocean and mountains combine to create a heavenly landscape that couldn’t possibly be duplicated by the most skilled artisans. Just witnessing the story, on mute, made me feel closer to God myself, I can’t even imagine being there.

Yes, Motherfuckers DO LIVE Here!

I honestly wish the monks would allow in more visitors. I know this would defeat their whole purpose, and threaten their lifestyle which is more 1st century than 21st, but I just want to go there and experience this place. If anybody out there can pull some serious cards and get me a month’s long visit to Mt. Athos, let me know. I’d even take part in their prayer, grow my beard out, and not jerk-off for the entire time!

In all seriousness though, I’m not a religious man by any means. I believe in nature and doing good. I’m aware of the insignificance of human kind, while at the same time I’m aware of the massive amounts of power that a single human can possess. God, Allah, Yahweh, whatever you may believe in, whatever you follow, so long as you have faith in something and you follow that faith in a nonviolent, non oppressive manner, I support it. But in seeing this story, and the video that accompanied it, I really can’t help but envision myself becoming a holy man at this site. How can you not become devoted to Christ when living here, when you are literally submerged in Orthodoxy 24/7.

I support devotion like this, and it’s good to see a religion outside of Islam practicing with such devotion. I’m also very proud to see, as an American, Christianity being practiced in such a manner, WITHOUT any militant fanaticism. My pride in this coming from the fact that America is envisioned world-wide as a Christian state (obviously despite the fact that America IS a state which demands religion be separate from state, but hey, we’ve got some of our own politicians still believing that Obama wasn’t born here so we can’t fault outsiders for getting some askew facts).

And yes, I did just start a post with a Fabolous mix tape, and then transition into one of the holiest places on Earth as a closing piece. That’s the kinda shit you get here in the universe.

At the Edge of the World


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