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Some Quickies…

Little bit off my game this week. I’ve been battling sickness and I had to celebrate my Bday yesterday. 24, yooooo. Damn, fuckin old right now. Here we go to start off MY week.

Happy 4/20, and if you happen to be in or around Atlanta today, get to Center Stage and check some real hip hop. Dom Kennedy and Big K.R.I.T.


New mixtape from the homie XV. Zero Heroes dropped a couple days ago, and I’m a big fan. XV’s a rapper out of Kansas who signed to Warner Bros. records last year, I BELIEVE. I came across dude last year when he dropped his Vizzy Zone mixtape. I was a big fan of that tape, and I think Zero Heroes is even better. Do yourself a favor and check em out. Datpiff.com. Search for XV, I shouldn’t have to link to it at this point. GO!

Here’s my favorite track SON:


Tough 0-2 series deficit for my Knicks right now. Melo pulled a T-Mac in game 1 and some questionable calls by the refs down the stretch hurt us, then he killed it in game 2, but some questionable calls by Mike D down the stretch hurt us even more. Game 3 @ MSG (I’ll be in attendance!!!!), should be up 2-0, but instead we’re fighting from a hole. Let’s hope Amare gets the small Asian female treatment on his back and comes out swingin Friday.

Also, the Durantula, my BOY, had a game 1 to remember. Despite Perk’s illegal tip-in which should NOT have been counted (these refs are blowin it right now huh?) KD was able to will his Thunder team past a VERY game Nuggets squad. Lemme say this about this series, these two teams are the FUTURE of the West. The Thunder are obviously loaded, but that Nuggets squad is something fierce. Danilo’s got a hell of a future, as does Ty Lawson and Wilson Chandler. Throw in the most underrated big man in the game in Nene and you’ve got a solid core right there. They’re loaded with draft picks for the next couple of years, and George Karl is hungry for his first title. Watch out Western conference.

Check the illegal screen by KG here to free up Ray for the game winner in game 1:


April 26th- Outasight is releasing his Figure 8 EP. This dude’s a beast, sings and raps with the best of ’em. I came across dude on Myspace a while back and I copped his album Radio New York. That remains one of my favorite albums of all time, and honestly is a sleeper for one of the best front-to-back hip-hop albums ever. This dude GRIIIINDS. He’s been puttin out quality shit on the low for years, and I think he deserves all the publicity he can get. Support his music, April 26th, get it on ITunes!!!!!!

Tough track from Figure 8, “So What”


Big ups to Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, and John Henson for sacrificing lottery-locks this year and returning to college. Not only do these decisions solidify MY North Carolina Tar Heels as preseason #1’s (I previously anointed Sullinger’s Buckeye squad as such, but that was pre-Barnes returning) but this puts a little more talent in the pool for next year’s college basketball season. Not saying I didn’t enjoy Butler or VCU’s runs, but that shit just shouldn’t happen. Not when you’ve got multi-million dollar basketball factories out there like Kentucky, UNC, Duke, etc.

That’s how it is in the era of the one and done, however. Hopefully Barnes comes back, wins the Naismith, wins the national title, then goes #1 overall in the draft so more top players elect to stay beyond their freshman year.

Let's get a round of applause for the '12 Champs!


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