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Some Quickies…

Just copped a new IPhone 4 for Verizon. Been waitin for my upgrade period for a long time, I’m amped right now, though I will definitely miss the texting ease and BBM app of my blackberry.


Ground Up Mixtape

Some new beats for this past week. Saw some new shit I’ve never heard of on Datpiff and I decided to take a gander. Pretty fuckin satisfied with that decision, to say the least, as I happened across a TOUGHHHH mixtape by the Philly trio Ground Up. I’ve never even heard of ’em before I downloaded this tape, but from what I’ve found out online is that they’ve been around since 2008 and they’ve opened for Rick Ross, Mac Miller and Chris Webby, amongst others. You can check out their site right here (wordpress brethren).

Their newest release, Up Late, is hosted by Dj Don Cannon (an ex-Dj Drama Aphilliate, and easily the most talented) and has a guest appearance by Freeway as well as Peedi Crakk. Cop the mixtape, worst case scenario is you’re not feelin it. Best case is, you get a quality album to bump in the whip, as I did.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks from the mixtape:

“Let It Go”


Still very little motion on the NFL lockout front. Though we could see some headway soon, as court-ordered mediation will begin to take shape. The NFLPA is hoping for the courts to lead mediation, and of course, the owners would prefer a federal mediator. How much money is enough for NFL owners, for real?


Glenn Beck’s leaving FoxNews, some say because of sagging ratings, others say to start his own network and pursue other endeavors. Whatever the reason is, FoxNews just made a little jump in my credibility book. Stop having Sarah Palin on every 2 hours and it might suddenly sky rocket.


Laurent Gbagbo

The former leader of the Ivory Coast has finally been taken into custody. The clown pictured to the left here lost the national election about four months ago, then decided that he wasn’t going to relinquish power as president of the African nation. Not only that but he then decided to turn his army on the people, massacring hundreds of civilians in an attempt to gain retribution and maintain power.

Fuckin’ A man, only in Africa, huh? Can’t imagine George W. pulling this in ’08 had he run. That woulda been some funny shit though, dumbo hiding under his desk as the entire country stormed his “palace”. And what the hell’s wrong with this guy? If he wanted to stay in power still, why didn’t he just fix the elections like you’re supposed to do? Fuckin’ guy.


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