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Husky Mania

Lamby Boy!

Guess who couldn’t have been more wrong about the national championship game Monday night? THIS GUY right HERE! So the dogfight that went down the other night between UConn and Butler looked less like the Vick family invitational than it did a match-up of Ladybird Hill vs. Jesse, the crippled OTHER dog from Family Guy.

In a game that was as heavily dependent upon Butler’s awful shooting as it was upon UConn’s ridiculous length and athleticism advantage, Jeremy Lamb was one of the VERY few shining stars. Lamb’s defensive play on Shelvin Mack limited Mack to 9 points the entire game, and considering I was all about Mack prior to the start of this game, this surprised me. Lamb stepped his game up, particularly on defense, along with Alex Oriahki, and made Butler look like the un-athletic white boys they truly are.

This game truly was a racial showdown. And guess what, the white guys didn’t win. No matter that Butler has several brothas ballin for em, their whole STYLE is white. They play tough defense, hustle all over the court, and perfectly execute a team-oriented offense. That’s about as white as you can get. UConn on the other hand, was literally SOARING all over the court. Every board, every shot, every drive, the Huskies seemed to be a foot and a half above, beyond and ahead of the sluggish Bulldogs. The white guys may still have control of golf and baseball, but this game sealed the deal for what wins out, a supremely athletic squad or a hustling, organized team.

There was a 12-minute stretch in the 2nd half that saw Butler not making a single hoop. Not ONE! I’m pretty sure I could step into an NBA game right now, wearing boat shoes and a sombrero, and make a basket within 12-minutes. They shot 18% from the field for the game! It didn’t help for Butler’s psyche that every shot they took was stuffed harder than Kim Kardashian at the Golden Corral on fried chicken night (I’m not talking food stuffing here), or that Andrew Smith was about as solid of a low-post presence as Magic, post-HIV. Actually, I’d take Magic post-HIV before I take Smith post-HGH any day.

This game was ugly. But ultiamtely, congrats to UConn, and to Kemba (fuck Jimmer and the Naismith, he’s got a CHIP!) for taking advantage of some great ball playing down the stretch of their season to win Calhoun’s 3rd. Now, it’s time for me to get back to flipping cars and burning shit in Storrs!


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