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More Fantasies….


Continuing on with my fantasy baseball mood today, I jumped into a Live Draft lobby at ESPN.com and decided to start up another team. Honestly, I should have done several drafts in their Mock Draft Lobby before I went into my Yahoo! League draft with the homies, but I fudged up, whatever.

So I saddled up in the St. Louis H2H league, and got to draftin for The Gooch Boys, the ultimate team! (Side note: if you got PS3, come see me, my gamer tag is SammyGooch).

Nice to get into a draft and NOT have the last pick, as I’m granted the pleasures of drafting 4th overall. Now, these leagues are different because I think some people jump in them just for shits and giggles, as I kind of am, so the draft can unfold in strange ways at times (some clown grabbing Jimmy Rollins in the 2nd round of this draft, for example).

So for this draft, I did a couple of things the same, and a couple different than I did in my Yahoo! league. First, I went back with my Catcher can wait theory. And I also firmly held to my Pitching can wait strategy. What I got, was a much better team than I ended up with in my Yahoo! league. Granted, I didn’t have any mid-round internet issues, but still, waiting on catching and pitching is without a doubt the most solid thing you can do when drafting for fantasy baseball.

With pick #4, I snagged Evan Longoria, who I think is a friggin STUD! I would have been happy to take Miggy Cabrera or Longoria here, but it happened that Miggy got taken 2nd. Come the 2nd round, I wanted to keep rolling with IF picks, and since Tulo was off the board, I looked at 1B, which gave me the options of Mark Teixeria or Prince Fielder. I like Tex’s team, and consistency better, so I took him over the declining (I believe) Fielder. Round 3 and 4 had me shoring up my infield with Jose Reyes and then Dan Uggla. I know I said I don’t like the Mets roster, but I think Reyes still has potential to be a productive SS. Big risk with him because worst-case scenario, he’s injured the whole year. Best-case, however, he’s a top-10 talent.

I continued to stack up my hitting #s by then grabbing Shin-Soo Choo, Jay Bruce, Hunter Pence, Martin Prado, and Casey McGeHee before I took my first pitcher, closer Brian Wilson, in round 10. Once Wilson is healthy, he’s probably the top closer in the game. Ultimately, I really like this team, as I was able to get some SERIOUS sleeper picks down the line to shore up my rotation: Jeremy Hellickson in round 15, Brandon Morrow in round 17, and Ricky Romero in round 19?!

My team looks like this:

C- Miguel Montero

1B- Mark Teixeria

2B- Dan Uggla

SS- Jose Reyes

3B- Evan Longoria

2B/SS- Martin Prado

1B/3B- Casey McGeHee

OF- Shin-Soo Choo, Jay Bruce, Hunter Pence, Brett Gardner, Jose Tabata

UTIL- Austin Jackson

BENCH- Jhonny Peralta, Julio Borbon

SP- Wandy Rodriguez, Johnathan Sanchez, Jeremy Hellickson, Brandon Morrow, Ricky Romero

RP- Brian Wilson, Joe Nathan, Huston Street, Brad Lidge, Jose Contreras


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