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Obama on Libya

It’s goin down…… tonight for Obama. Dude’s gonna make an address to the nation regarding/defending his actions against Libya. How he handles this situation will be very important in regards to keeping certain contingents of voters behind him as our leader. No matter what he does, there’s no possible way he gains any face in the eyes of conservative opponents, particularly those stowed away at FOX News, but he does need to appease Congress, particularly his own party members who have thrown their arms up at his failure to notify Congress before taking action.

Personally, I voted for the guy, and I still believe I made the right vote, but I do take it personally when I see him really slip-up. I think as president of our country, you are doing an A+ job if you can preserve the status quo. If you leave your term as president and the country is in no better, but certainly no worse of a situation than it was in when you started your term, WINNING! It’s very rare that a president is able to preserve status quo, and even more rare for them to genuinely and measurably IMPROVE the country’s status. At this point, I think Obama is hovering right at that status quo point, and that really makes me feel my vote was justified, and I truly believe if he ran for re-election he would be the right choice again.

I believe he chose to do the right thing in Libya by spearheading this UN action against the country, and while I made previous comments about Congress’ whining , I think Obama ultimately made a major mistake by not simply telling Congress his intentions. In the end, the approval from Congress was not something he needed. This was not a war-time activity, and Obama was simply fulfilling our countries’ duties as a member of the United Nations, but what would it have hurt to run these plans by the egomaniacs on Capitol Hill?

By not letting Congress in on these plans, Obama definitely took a hit in the re-election area, and his explanation tonight could really patch that hit up, or simply compound on it. The bottom line is, as the president of the most democratic (or at least, the illusion of democracy) country in the world, you can’t appear to be making rogue moves. It doesn’t matter that the conservative-laden House and Senate has essentially handcuffed any moves Obama has tried to make before this, or that there are politicians on Capitol Hill who will oppose anything the president does simply because they still believe he’s not an American citizen.

Bottom line is, dude’s got some explaining to do. I expect him to make a literate, sensible, agreeable, and unbiased explanation of his actions, and I then expect that explanation to be completely prodded, ignored, and flipped by conservatives everywhere.


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  1. […] speech last week regarding his reasons for intervening in Libya (which I touched on here) took place with the typical results. Innocent civilians this, America’s responsibility that. […]

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