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Some Quickies…

This is gonna be my weekly thing, my running column I guess you could say. Some Quickies… is going to feature just random shit I’m trying to get across for the week. On to the first one:

Ever since I learned that Big K.R.I.T. had today, March 22, slated as the release date for his official, exclusive mixtape, Return of  4Eva, I’ve had the date highlighted on my calendar. Krit’s a dope MC from Mississippi that’s worked with a whole gang of people including Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Webby. Krit’s also done a lot of his studio work with my boy workin over at Engine Room Audio in NYC. He’s definitely an artist that deserves some attention, but sadly I wake up to find out that the release has been delayed until March 28th as @BIGKRIT tweeted late last night:

Preparing fo sxsw and droppin #returnof4eva proved to be more difficult then I thought.I chose 2 push it back 2 tha 28th…bear with me

God DAMN! Here’s some Krit right here for a nice little sample of a rising talent.


Wiz Khalifa’s album, Rolling Papers, is set to drop next week, March 29th. I was able to get my hands on a bootleg copy (again, chill Lars, I’m gonna buy the album)  and I’ll be posting some thoughts about it when I get a chance to really take a listen. Right from the start Wiz goes in on the haters though, I like it:

“And they say alllll I rap about’s bitches and champagne/ You would too if every night you seen the same thang”.

Wiz’s never gonna be known for his thoughtful lyricism, but the dude makes some tough music. Phat beats and catchy wordplay.


I’m from CT, and I think we’ve got a pretty good up and coming hip-hop scene right now, which was pioneered years ago by Apathy and has recently seen a new torchbearer in Chris Webby arise. A lot of unknown cats are putting in work in CT right now, following Webby’s aggressive lead. One of those MC’s happen to be my boy KM Bently who, along with the C.U.S.H. movement (Connecticut Un Signed Hype), has been putting out some seriously good music.

Today’s a big day because Bently is slated to release his brand new mixtape Last Flight to Nowhere to the public. The album can be downloaded for free, and I’ll update this shit with a download link once it drops tonight at 5.

For now, enjoy an exclusive cut from the album entitled “All a Dream” (w/ production by John Dylan of The Stu 860) and facebook my BOY!

DOWNLOAD KmBently’s Last Flight to Nowhere


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