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Bombs Over Bag…..Libya?!

I’m gonna be jumping into some political waters for this one, because I think the flavor of the day/week definitely calls for it. I’m no political expert or savant, but understanding politics is a vital part of being an American citizen. No matter how depressing and trite American and Foreign politics can seem at times, motherfuckers gotta have an opinion!

Operation Odyssey Dawn has been unfolding in Libya for the past week or so, and I’ve seen a whole mix of reactions regarding the president’s decision to make it rain George Dub-Yah style all over Gaddafi’s shit, most of them negative. There’s the issue of taking military action without congressional consent, as well as getting involved in another war-esque operation against another Islamic country, and of course the problem of having less money than Antoine Walker on an Indian reservation.

People shouting foul about money, I get it, I feel what you’re screaming, absolutely. How can anybody justify shooting off 100+  569,000 dollar missiles when we’re trillions of dollars in debt? Truth is, you can’t, but the only response I would say to that is this is definitely an extenuating circumstance, and plus, these missiles are already made and on board our military vessels. Might as well use ’em while we got ’em right? You think crackheads stockpile their rocks and wait for the day they get off the streets to smoke ’em? Hell no man, you smoke that shit while you got it, who knows what can happen between now and then?!

And congress, they’re whining worse than a beached whale about how Obama never got the A-Okay from them to take military action against Libya. And, I can understand that, because unless the nation is in imminent danger the president MUST get the approval of congress before declaring war or taking war-time military action. Fuckin’ war man, like, invasions and shit. Like 150,000 troops on the ground and shit. Like, stockpiles of WMD’s and entrenched dictators and shit. Like, raid your villages and rape your wives kinda shit. Not cruise missile kinda shit. Not late-90’s Bill Clinton cruise missile kinda shit. Not only that, but the UN initiated this little endeavor, we just happen to be the dude on the block with enough goods to make sure the show isn’t a flop.

Bottom line is the UN declared a no-fly zone, and Gaddafi’s fighter jets are flying. Doesn’t matter if declaring a no-fly zone during this civil war is kinda like declaring a no-black player zone for a basketball game pitting the Indiana Pasties against the Memphis Grizzlies (one side will clearly be much more affected than the other; and I’m pretty sure the Libyan rebels have more planes than the Pasties have black players, and the only planes they have are the original Orville and Wilbur Wright joint, and Iceman’s plane from Top Gun [they tried to get Maverick’s but apparently Tom Cruise purchased it a couple of years ago so Katie Holmes could deliver Suri closer to the alien gods]).

If your boss declares a no pooping zone on your office floor, you don’t wanna go and take a huge corn and potato on his desk, shit’s just not a good idea (look at that PUN!). Add that to the fact that Gaddafi was blatantly murdering innocent civilians, and we’ve got to take action. We’re not going to invade with our armies, because that’s war, but if Gaddafi was using his tanks to commit atrocities, god damn right we’re gonna take out an entire tank brigade headed for a rebel stronghold. (Notice, when they’re on our side, they’re known as “rebels”, but when they’re on the other bench, they’re referred to as “insurgents”, ohhhh malleable English language how politicians and public relation specialists love you).

As for the issue about taking military action against ANOTHER Islamic country….yeah, that doesn’t look so hot to the Muslim world. It’s tough, and I can’t necessarily argue against people saying America is a Zionist, crusading country, because we certainly look like that at times. But, as far as I’m concerned, and as far as 99% of Americans are concerned (unofficial poll), Iraq was a mistake. A massive mistake, led by an administration that deceived the American public along with the rest of the world. So if it’s any consolation, we should, technicallyyyyy, kind offffff, only be involved in military action in ONE Muslim country right now, Afghanistan.

Ultimately, I’m okay with making strategic missile strikes against Libya. And, while we’re at it, let’s continue to do the same for similar uprisings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and any other country that desires to partake in an upheaval of a dictatorship or oppressive regime. If the people are being oppressed and abused, we need to intervene as a nation that evens the odds, yet doesn’t take any side other than freedom. It’s a dangerous line to walk, considering we don’t know what lies in the background of power for some of these potentially volatile nations, but so long as we support rule of the majority, worldwide, we should be able to stand confidently and proudly in our foreign affairs for the first time in a decade.



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