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The Fighter

Updating some thoughts I posted about a month ago in regards to this years Academy Awards, I have officially seen The Fighter! I made the comment that I would give the best picture award to this movie, despite having not seen it, just based on premise alone (adaptation of the life of “Irish” Micky Ward). Now, having seen the movie, I would like to expand upon my Oscar comments:

First, Christian Bale was 100% the right pick to win the Oscar for best supporting actor. As Dicky Eklund, Bale was the anti-Batman that we’re all so used to seeing Bale portray. Just check out the picture above. The fuckin guy deserves the Oscar just for completely making himself over for the part. And his acting, holy shit. He played such a good crackhead has-been, at times I could have sworn I was watching scenes from a Tina Turner biopic. If you ran into Bale in Eklund mode on the street, the first thing that’d come in to your head is how cheap he’d offer to suck your dick for. He was scary good before I even saw his real-life inspiration. But then, Wahlberg throws in a cut of the real Dicky at the end of the movie, and I think he did that simply to solidify Bale’s Oscar claim. Bale copied his squirreliness and paranoid behavior perfectly. Check out the real Dicky here (not the scene from the movie). The bottom line of this, is that Bale turned in one of the greatest acting jobs since Annabel Chong’s attempts at taking 300 logs in one laying.

The next thing I’ve got to say about this movie, is that after seeing it, I still hold firm in my stance that it should have won best picture. Entertaining from beginning to end, with great acting performances from Bale as well as Amy Adams and Melissa Leo and a wonderful directing job by the severely underrated David Russell, this film deserved the honor. I will be seeing King’s Speech shortly, but I doubt there’s much that film can do to knock me from this stance. I mean, I’d have to see some serious conquering of physical disabilities, and humor and heartbreak along the way. I’m talkin’ Rain Man levels. Wait, that was the tagline for the movie? Rain Man-level disabilities and humor? Really? Oh, fuck. Well, I’ll let you know how it goes when I get there.


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