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I’m Still Gone Bump that Chip Shit












Just a quick update regarding the tunes I’ve got in the decks right now. Cleveland’s own Chip Tha Ripper dropped a mixtape at the beginning of the month, and per Chip’s usual, shit’s tough. Gift Raps is Chip’s fourth official mixtape drop and he doesn’t disappoint. Coming with that usual Cleveland drawl and raspy rhyme delivery, Chip kills it over some seriously funky beats.

Chip’s not going to overwhelm you on the conscience tip, or send you reeling with his Biggie-esque wordplay or Pac-passion, but he makes quality, easy-to-listen to music.

Dude’s had a couple of appearances on some of his Cleveland cronies’ major market releases, most notably Kid Cudi’s first solo album, but beyond that, Chip’s pretty under the radar. He’s got a big following on the mixtape scene, and I hope he continues to do his own thing, making the music he wants to, without having to worry about any type of major label bullshit. Here’s to CHIIIP THA RIPPPP! Go to the link above and download his mixtape, and continue on and download all of his official mixtapes: Independence Day, The Cleveland Show, and From Me to You. Here’s a funky track from Raps to hopefully pique your interest:


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