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Draft Thoughts…

With the NFL Draft approaching, I have some insight to share about two potential top-3 picks in Cam Newton and Nick Fairley. Now, I’m no fan of the Panthers, or the Broncos or Bills. Shit, I don’t give a fuckkkk what any of the top-10 temas do with their picks. But I do hate to see the same teams continuously winding up with top-10 picks, only to blow the pick and be back in the same position year after year. The draft is such a money fucking process for the NFL, if you do your job right, you get results. Look at the Lions, FINALLY dropping out of the top 10, all because of a great pick in Gorilla Suh. When you have a top 3 pick in the NFL draft, you have no fucking excuse to be back in even the top 5 the next year. I’m guessing we will be seeing Carolina back here next year, however, and it’s not because of their new coach.

From everything I’ve seen or read so far, there’s been a lot of talk about one of those two previously mentioned goons going to Carolina with the top pick. Newton, which is the most likely, or Fairley, who seems to be slipping a bit, are top 10 locks in everybody’s books. But I don’t get it at all, so I’m telling the Panthers hollddddd the fuck uppp, and here’s why:

Let’s start with Fairley. First things first, the dude was a fucking ANIMAL this year. He was unblockable. I watched games of him matched up against Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Oregon and I didn’t see another defensive player this year make anywhere NEAR the impact he did on the field. At times it looked like nobody was even blocking him he was so disruptive. Not to mention his nastiness. I saw him commit personal fouls in the Georgia game that should have had him kicked out, but I like that shit. I love that shit. Especially in a DT, who needs to be the 2nd baddest dude on the field at all times, behind the middle linebacker.

But, buyer beware when it comes to Fairley. First off, he was unstoppable, but where did that come from? He was ranked as the #27 offensive GUARD coming out of high school by scout.com, and was labeled as a 3-star recruit. Okay, plenty of under recruited high school seniors make a splash in the NFL, yes, and Fairley is a phenomenal athlete, starring in basketball in HS as well. But, I beg the question, where was he last year?

The dude’s rating in this year’s college football game is below an 80! Big fuckin deal right? Wrong, that rating comes from nerds watching hours of tape and coming up with a scientific rating based on performance from the previous season. It’s no freak occurrence that on almost every simulated season I have played in that game that Cam Newton, LaMichael James, Kellen Moore, Ryan Mallet, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, and AJ Green are all in the Heisman mix-up come the end of the season. Whatever, I’m a nerd too, I understand that. Video games don’t have shit to do with the football field. I do know, however, that Da’Quan Bowers would be a much safer pick. Bowers, the #1 overall recruit coming out of HS in 2008 was slowed by various injuries before his breakout season this year. Sadly, for Fairley, overeating and sleeping is not a legit injury.

Attitude has a lot to do with NFL projections as well, and I’m not talking about a prospect enjoying a doobee here and there ALA Warren Sapp or Damon Stoudemire. Fairley just comes off as a chauvinistic, lazy, dick. In a system that basically tells him to do whatever he wants, at Auburn, I don’t see this guy being able to fit into a scheme at the next level and becoming a star. At best, Fairley will be a solid rotation player, but nothing near the once-in-a-generation talent that Suh is. And Suh is the main reason Fairley is getting so much hype right now, with teams clamoring at the prospect of mayyybeee getting that same type of player.

Now, Newton. I said it myself, the dude’s in the Heisman race, even in my fuckin VIDEO GAME! So why am I hating?! He was arguably one of the most highly prized JUCO prospects in the last 10 years, so why am I hating? He’s the size of a Mack truck and his daddy’s a pastor, so why am I hating? Not hating, just strongly cautioning. In a draft that oftentimes sees teams severely reaching with their picks simply because of need (see: 2007 NFL draft, where the Raiders took the only QB in the first 20+ picks) I fear the Panthers are flirting with making the same mistake.

Pros: he’s a tank, with a legitimate cannon, and undeniable physical assets and athletic abilities. Throw in a desire to win and succeed at any costs, we’ve got a solid start for an NFL QB, no? No. These pros are exactly what my favorite college QB of all time possessed, as well. Vince Young. The dude seemed to just have it. But IT rarely translates to NFL quarterbacking. Granted VY was a hell of a winner in Tennessee. But really, all he was doing was willing a bad team intro a mediocre team, and ruining their draft opportunities every year by getting them into the playoffs. Newton’s decision-making and accuracy are two severely debilitating factors that teams HAVE to take into consideration. Look at his performance in the national championship against Oregon. Where was he throwing the ball half the time? Finally matched up against an equally fast defense, his receivers could rarely be as open as they were all year against mid-low level SEC competition (The SEC is great, but they had a hell of an off-year this year). The only performance of his I really respected was his efforts against a beastly Alabama team, but still, their defense is a very young one.

I’m willing to push aside all this wanting money to play business. Every college kid should take every bribe they’re offered. Until the NFL starts to threaten the incoming rookies with some sort of professional punishment relating to taking money in college, FUCK IT. If AJ Green gets a year for selling his jersey and Jim Tressel gets two games for covering up a scandal, exploit the system at WILL!!! But what I don’t like from that situation is that Newton’s father is so Lohan-esque. As a pastor, this dude should be in the background at all times, offering Cam support. It seemed to me like he was at the forefront, exploiting, if not at least utilizing, his son’s talents. I think this approach by parents lends to a certain, how you say, wackiness feature in their children (See: aforementioned Lohan, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber [this kid’s only a couple years away from crack and street BJs, I’m tellin you!]) Add in Cam’s comments about wanting to be some sort of cultural icon, and you get a guy whose first and second priorities are obviously NOT football and football.

That shit just doesn’t work out when you’re trying to be an NFL quarterback. Arguably the hardest position to master in the NFL, the best thing that could happen to Cam would be to land on a team with a solid veteran starter already in hand so he can chill in the background and grow under intense tutelage. If I’m the Panthers, I’m not drafting Newton to be the new face of the franchise today. If I’m the Bills, I’m drafting him to sit and learn under the bearded guru, Ryan Fitzpatrick. If I’m any team, I’m not dropping my top-pick on a player that CAN NOT come in and make dividends immediately, especially if I’m a talent-devoid team such as the Carolina Panthers.


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