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How ’bout them Knicks


It’s only fitting that one of my first posts focuses on one of my favorite teams in all of sports, the New York Knickerbockers. Last night they edged out the despised Miami Heat, 91-86, in Miami. A big reason for that W was the Knicks’ big three (Amare, Melo, Billups) outscoring the Heat’s big three (LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh) 61-59. I agree with most, that was a big win for the Knicks, and an even bigger loss for the Heat in my mind, but there’s no chance of me getting carried away. This is the NBA, folks, the organization so LOADED with talent and stupefying ability that we actually DO see things such as this W, while that same Knicks team loses to the Cleveland Cavaliers (vomit), just a few nights earlier.

This win did carry some weight for the Knicks, however. This showed me that they’re capable of getting up when they have/want/need to. This showed that in a 7-game series, my man Chauncey has the ability to grown-man that locker room and get STAT and Melo on their A-games. Perhaps most importantly, this win showed me that Mike D actually does mention defense at times during practice, and defense and playoff W’s have more of a connection than Lindsay Lohan and Winona Ryder.

For the Heat, what this means is that LeBron is STILL not Kobe (I won’t disgrace MJ by including his name here). It means that the Cleveland series with Boston last year was not a fluke (Delonte banging LeBron’s mom or not). It means that D-Wade should be organizing a Jasmine-coup in the locker room if he doesn’t get the ball in the crunch come playoff time. It means that Chris Bosh is the softest “super”star to step on hardwood since C-Webb (at least he could pass like a PG). And most of all, it means that all theories regarding the hunger and drive of a group of superstars wanting to JOIN their competition, will eventually be proved as fact.Yes, LeBron is still probably the most gifted, most entertaining player I have ever seen play, but I just don’t think he can do it when it’s needed. LeBron needs to hook up with Peyton Manning and A-Rod and lament about how scary it is when the lights are on. Yeah, they may get a ring or two come the end of their careers, but with that talent, they should have WAY more.

Oh, and as far as what this game meant to me, sheeeeeeit (Clay Davis voice). This meant that the days that ultimately turned me into an avid Knicks fan (late 90’s playoff battles against Miami), just may finally be returning to MSG. Shout out to Van Gundy, hold on to that leg!


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